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Other Online Comics

Sluggy Freelance
Still the niftiest of all webcomics.

Another high-fantasy online comic with beautiful artwork. Check it out!

Other Favourite Links

Blambot - Free Comic Fonts
An absolutely wonderful depository of downloadable comic book-style fonts, sound effects and speech balloons! Best of all, if your comic is free, so are the fonts! Almost all the fonts used in Dragon Mango come from this site.

Mickey's Pizza
What does a pizza place have to do with Dragon Mango? Well, their mascot is a dragon, and you can get mango on your pizza. Their pizza sustains us while we're working on the comic. And, most importantly, it's the best pizza in this or any other universe. Seriously.

Dragon Mango (c) 2001 Mark Sprague / Crystal Kearns / Adam Lockhart / Doug Middleton / Karen Hayman