Last Updated: Friday, May 17th, 2018
A serious headache in a new comic!

If you're new to Dragon Mango, the story may make slightly
more sense if you start at the Beginning.

May 17th, 2019 - The comic updates again! It's a Victoria Day miracle!

Here we have a big leap forward in the battle against Lecithin, with a twist that some of you may have seen coming. (Those of you who thought of this as soon as you saw Bllud's explanation of Ginger's fighting style, give yourselves a pat on the back!)

Sorry it's a bit shorter than the double-length comics we've been posting lately, but with any luck you can look forward to some slightly longer comics in the near future as this chapter reaches its conclusion, and Mango and friends head off in a (hopefully) interesting new direction!

And again, for those of you who didn't know: Dragon Mango once again has a table at Anime North this year, at our usual spot in the dealer's room! Quests will be back in action, too! Please come by and say hi (and maybe buy something)!

- Mark

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