Last Updated: Monday, February 20th, 2017
The plot creeps forward in a new comic!

If you're new to Dragon Mango, the story may make slightly
more sense if you start at the Beginning.

20/02/2017 - Another week, another update! Apparently it's Mondays now.

Didn't move the plot forward quite as much as I wanted to, but at least I set up a bit more of the backstory, and found an excuse to draw a bunch of cute Bleus. So there's that!

13/02/2017 - Whew! Managed to get a new comic together after all, and finally sorted out all the details to get the story moving. I hope the whiplash-speed back-and-forth between the past and present comic stories isn't too confusing - hopefully it'll flow a little bit better once the violence begins.

In the short term, Bleu has encountered a new person - and yes, it IS a new character and not someone we've seen before, in case my limited range of face types has anyone confused. ;) In fact, it's that rarest of rares that we almost never see - a male Dragonslayer! Perhaps we'll get more information on our mysterious armoured individual next week...

06/02/2017 - A new comic, in which some of our heroes drink responsibly (and some of them don't).

- Mark

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